We clean. A lot.

Jamaica’s Washing & Dry Cleaning
with Pick-up & Delivery Service

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Bucket Platforms Limited is dedicated to providing convenient and efficient logistics and QuickServe services
with a strong focus on the community. We believe access improves people's lives and are committed to more
accessible and affordable living.

We leverage cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions to optimize logistics operations while enhancing the
customer experience. As we do so, we also commit to sustainability and a passion for innovation.

Bucket Platforms Limited combines local knowledge to build technology logistics with communities across the Caribbean.

Here’s How It Works

You Order, We collect

Book your collection with us, just choose when and where

Professional Cleaning

Your items will be treated to a 5 star clean

We Deliver

We’ll return your pristine items, when it suits you
$1500 per trip around Kingston
$2000 per trip outside of Kingston

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Full-Service Laundry Cleaning



Dry Cleaning

$ 500+
per item
  • Dry Cleaning is itemized and comes cleaned and ironed according to the care label. This includes but not limited to towels, linen, suits, and dresses




$ 2000
per KG/2.2lbs
  • We bring you a bag; you fill it with clean clothes for ironing. We iron to remove all wrinkles. Then package and return to you. Items laundered by us can also be ironed.




$ 2500
per 6KG/13.2lbs
  • We bring you a bag; you fill it with clothes. Washed at 30ºC, tumble dried on medium heat and folded.